Are You Struggling With Addiction?

Addiction is manifested in any behavior that a person craves, finds temporary relief or pleasure in but suffers negative consequences as a result of, and yet has difficulty giving up.

How Free Do You Want To Be?

I offer a range of interventions, based on the nature of your substance or process addiction. I specialise in helping people with problems relating to alcohol, other drugs, or other addictive behaviours. Whether you struggle with sugar or cannabis, gambling or compulsive eating, cocaine or sex – I am here to help. There is a solution.

What is Recovery Coaching?

Recovery coaching is action-oriented with an emphasis on improving present life and achieving future goals. Recovery coaching emphasises honouring values and making principle-based decisions, creating a clear plan of action, and using current strengths to reach future goals. The coach provides accountability to help the client stay on track.

Based in North Oxford, just off Banbury Road, my clients tell me that they appreciate my direct and enthusiastic approach. An educator at heart, I have helped many men to recover from addiction and recreate their lives. I have worked within the statutory and voluntary sector in the fields of addiction, education, and criminal justice, for over 15 years. I possess both theoretical and practical insight into the biopsychosocial model of addiction and behavioural change. Crucially, I also possess the didactic and motivational skills to give my clients the best possible chance of addiction recovery.

Having worked within integrated mental health and substance misuse teams at a number of prisons in South East England, I am qualified in the management and care of individuals in the custodial environment and a trained and experienced drug and alcohol recovery worker. I have worked for organisations as varied as the NHS, Oxford University Press and The Ministry of Justice.

I have received training in the following areas: Motivational Interviewing, Harm Minimisation and Relapse Prevention, CBT, Hypnotherapy, Solution Focussed Brief Therapy, SASH (suicide and self-harm) Prevention, Substance Misuse, Mental Health, Communicable Diseases, Conditioning, Manipulation and Corruption Prevention Awareness, Pro-social Behaviour, Goal Setting and Personal Responsibility.

Areas of expertise include: Addiction, Alcoholism, Relapse Prevention, 12 Step Recovery, Stoicism, Resilience, Mindset, Coaching, and Motivation. 

Jules is a recovery powerhouse. A great man and mentor, he is properly armed with the facts about addiction. He is able to explain the mental and emotional sides of it very well. He is currently helping me in several aspects of my life. Jules has been instrumental in my recovery process and for helping me to turn my life around.

Vlad, Oxford

The Oxford Recovery Coach.  In recovery since 2006. Pictured here stone cold sober at his stag weekend in 2018. How free do you want to be?

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